Paris | 21st | 2013

Last year was my first trip to Paris after several years of waiting and words cannot describe what an amazing adventure it was, I was fortunate enough this year to go back for another short four day trip for my 21st birthday with my gorgeous friend from Uni (April). The first time round I was amazed by how beautiful Parisian life and the architecture was and the second time round cemented that even more. I fell in love with Paris all over again.

We visited the beautiful Jardin des Tuileries on the first day to chill out and enjoy some sun after our early train and finding the hotel. On my birthday the next day we visited my favourite Parisian landmark, the Eiffel Tower and this year I went all the way to the top and saw some of the most beautiful views. We planned on seeing the sun go down on the Arc de Triomphe but due to it being D-Day it was closed for a ceremony so we ended up going for cocktails outside the Gard du Nord and watching the sun go down there. After the Eiffel Tower it was shopping and macaroon time along the Champs Elysees where I treated myself to a new Chanel Fragrance (Chance Eau Fraiche) and a birthday macaroon.

The next day we got the chance to finally go up the Arc de Triomphe, something I loved even more this year. I could forever stand up there and watch Parisian life go by and the few are incredible, especially that of the Eiffel Tower. We wanted to go back to the gardens after this but got distracted by a sweet shop and more shops down the Champs Elysees.

After changing in to some pretty day dresses it was time for our free cruise along the beautiful and stunning River Seine (I also got a free cruise last year, very lucky). I love going on the cruises because you get to see some beautiful architecture and the amazing colours. You are also told history of the different landmarks along the way, which I sadly forget because the scenes are my main focus. I have done architecture for a couple of projects so I am still drawn in to what is out there to inspire me.
The rest of the beautiful and sunny day/evening was spent enjoying some wine and chilling out by the Eiffel Tower.

On our final day before travelling back home we made a quick visit to the Notre Dame and a lovely side street cheese shop. I didn't get a chance last year to go in and see the interiors of the Notre dame but made sure I did this time round.  The stained glass windows were stunning and so intricate I couldn't take my eyes of them, and there were quite a few. It was a nice calming way to spend my last few hours in Paris with a walk down the river afterwards.

To finish of the entire trip and my birthday as a whole I decided to place a padlock on one of the famous padlock bridges down the River Seine, these are sometimes known as love locks or wish locks. Love padlocks can be found attached to the Pont des ArtsPasserelle Léopold-Sédar-Senghor and the Pont de l'Archevêché bridges in Paris. I kept walking past and looking at them and it just felt so right to do one and leave a part of my Parisian heart in Paris. One day hopefully I will be able to find it again.

When we finally made it back to London and celebrating that we had signal and working iphones again we decided to treat ourselves to a nice glass of champagne which was much needed and I was sad after having to leave. I cannot wait to go back again next year with the Uni to Premiere Vision and to the South of France with my other Uni friend (Becca) in July.


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