End of Week 5 | Placement

So I am more than half way through my first placement and I still cannot believe how fast the weeks have gone by. Three weeks are left and I still have a lot to learn about the industry, how I design, how I should design for the market I want to go in to, how certain patterns are created and a lot of Photoshop techniques. Every day I learn something new that makes me want to try it myself and gets me really excited about all those things I have to learn. I've come to accept it will take a long period of time to develop those skills and I need to be patience and take on and approach all the advice I am being given.

Looking at the designs I have done since being taught different skills by Pattern and getting some positive feedback is a step in the right direction to achieving a lot of personal goals and the start of an exciting career. 
I'm learning to look more at my print reference to create something along those lines but also unique. This has meant it taking me hours to achieve one design but, again, I have to remember it takes time to practise and feel positive about the design and make sure it's right.
Who knows what will happen in three weeks but I'm still very excited with each new day on placement and am enjoying this short, but more "grown-up" experience in my career so far.


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