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Working at New Look certainly has its perks - a good discount on clothes!

And with only one week left at work I decided to use it for "things I need" before I have to give it back. I've been making a mental note of all the little bits I have needed to buy again or some new bits that can freshen up my wardrobe, but sometimes it is just so hard to control yourself (I think most girls would agree with me). On this occasion, despite my Mum trying to persuade me to just get what I want, I was good only got a few essentials.

I am not a huge fan of trying on clothes (I never have been), I get really anxious and I just hate looking in the mirror. I especially hate trying on jeans, but, with both my jeans breaking last week, it was a task I just had to do. 
Cowgirl Boots in Brown (also available in Black) | £27.99
Black Suede Pumps | £17.99
Shirts | £12.99 each
The Shaper Super Skinny Jeans | £22.99 & Supersoft Skinny Jeans £19.99

Knitted Cardigan | £24.99

I love my little haul that I got. The cardigan works so well with both shirts, which also will go with the jeans and boots. I shall be warm this winter for sure and can combine all these things with other items in my wardrobe.

We have some amazing new trends come in constantly so be sure to check out the website ...



  1. I love the boots and the cardigan is gorgeous! x

  2. I love the cardigan and cannot wait for it to chill a bit so I can wear it. And the boots are releasing my inner cowgirl! xx

  3. Oh my that cardigan is just too perfect!! I absolutely love it!


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