Year Three Project

I said to myself when I finished my second year of Uni that I would start researching and drawing for my project straight away ... That didn't happen!

I then said to myself after all my holidays are done and dusted I will start researching and drawing for my project ... I got ill!

Now I am recovered and August is about to arrive (which then means September and the start of term) I have finally started the research stage. Once I have all my images printed out and collected the drawing can start from there.

My theme is IDENTITY. At the moment I have no idea how this will even start or where this idea will go, but jotting down ideas and themes around it have certainly helped.

It is crazy to think that this is my last year at University. I really wish I could take what I know now and what I have learnt and start all over again, but I guess then it wouldn't be the same learning curve it has been. My aim for the next year is to DO and NOT JUST SAY. What I mean by this is last year I would say to myself "yeah, do that and that and that" ... I never did. This year this notebook has to be with me all the time and looked at more than I look at anything. Doing something instead of just saying something gets you where you need to be, as I have learnt from watching others around me. 

Me and my friend April jokingly said in like our first or second year that we should have: Determination, Preparation, Organisation (probably some others as well) and I think we can both agree that this year we have to take them seriously.


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