Degree Show | Done & Dusted

The University of Derby Degree Show is up and ready for the public to visit and a great opportunity for us all to make connections.
The Private Viewing was an incredible experience, but one I would love to do again a little more relaxed. It was busy and quite nerve-racking with people being sincerely nice about my work and what I have achieved, It is so strange to think that after visiting the Degree Show for the last two years it was finally mine turn. These last three years have gone so quickly and I would rush back to do them again, but exciting times ahead with placement and freelancing mean I have to leave it behind and see what else there is for me.

I massive thank you to everyone that got me through these last thee years and these hard few months of designing, printing and building the show.

The show is up until the 13th June so please go and see everyones work and support us all!


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