Degree Show Wait

It is finally up! After a week of building, painting, measuring, planning and worrying my degree show is all set up and ready for hand in tomorrow. It's so scary to think that three years have come to an end so quickly and been such a roller coaster ride of emotions. It has been three years of stress, happiness and tears with some amazing people coming to my side and being a great friend.
The future right now is very scary and very open to a lot of opportunities that could come my way due to freelancing and placements. Its important to keep going with designing and building up a portfolio and a sense of style for myself in my spare time. 

I wanted to keep my show very simple with an emphasis on minimalist that I saw in shops like Jigsaw, Reiss and Karen Millen. These stores really inspire me and their prints are always very eye catching and feminine. The gorgeous illustrations were done with the help of my friend Chris (check out his blog) and the two books are a garment look book and a sample print catalogue to show to potential employees what I can do. I also have my business cards and some cute little flowers.
The main piece of fabric on the right is the biggest sample I printed and one of my favourites so I wanted to make that a feature with another print using the same drawing next to it. I have 10 samples on the rail, all featuring different drawings and elements that blend well together but show different skills of repeats like mirror, straight, one-off and placement.

It is all becoming more real now and slowly I think I will be happier with the work once the stress goes and the degree show opens to the public on Friday.


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