The Comparative Shop #8

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My comparative shop this week has taken an interior turn. Since I was quite young and knew I wanted to go in to textiles I've always been inspired by interiors. I get a real sense of excitement when I go in to a department store and see all the bedding and wallpaper with coloured walls and accessories. I could definitely spend a fortune on interiors from bedding, wallpaper, cushions and throws. 
My eye was instantly drawn in to the kaleidoscope print from Anthropologie (1) and the mixture of greys and oranges (my favourite colours at the moment). It is such simple repeat that is just built up with layers of textures, motifs and shapes.
I've always explored the Urban Outfitters home section and have a couple of accessories from the brand, but this duvet (2) is one I have been admiring for a while. Firstly, its mainly blue which is a favourite of mines. Secondly, I love the simplicity of lines filled with colour and the overall structure of the print. The lines have a sense of looseness about them and there is a mixture of busy and more spacious areas. 
The 100% cotton duvet from Zara Home is so simple in terms of colours, but so intense with its paisley print. I like the variant degree of blues with the cream as a core colour. The motifs are a combination of large versus small scale that give the print an overall balance and flow. The bedding is also a brilliant price for the high level of design it represents.
I have recently used this woodblock print from Anthropologie on a recent project I did (more on that to come in later posts) and I love the loose handwriting of this print (4). It is screen printing in gorgeous colours like reds, greens and oranges with deep greys and a hint of pastel yellow/orange. This is one of my favourite Anthropologie prints at the moment with its large scale motifs and use of lines with block colours and sketchy marks. And, because the core colour of a simple white, the colours are so strong and eye catching. 

What was your favourite this week?


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