New Designers 2014

I have been going to New Designers since I was at college and loved going every year. I get so excited and inspired by the variety of talent there and am like a magpie when it comes to the printed textiles work. 

This year was no exception and I wanted to see as much as I could, speak to as many people as I could and get more inspiration for freelancing and future work. I also find New Designers quite difficult in terms of not comparing yourself to others and I found this year no different. It is hard to not compare yourself to others but you have to remind yourself that, as an individual, you will have your own style and way or working around things and learning to accept that… Which does get easier.

Two girls I follow on Instagram were showing this year and I finally got to meet them and say congratulations and well done.

Firstly, I met Hayley Neil from Somerset College. She has a lovely personality and such passion when she spoke about her work. Her prints were so eye catching and came in an array of beautiful colours. Hayley had also made gorgeous and very sellable clutch bags and jewellery which enhanced her work even more.

Secondly, I met Samantha Booth from Cleveland College of Art and Design. Her work is colourful and so well put together right down to the last detail. Her style stands out, is very commercial and really inspiring. I would have loved to seen some her of garments, which sadly weren't there. 
It was interesting talking to Samantha and hearing about how she works, what she does and her experiences so far. She too had done a placement at Pattern (where I am going next month) so she offered me advice and told me things that she did whilst she was there. 

Isla Muir from Glasgow School of Art was another Graduate who work caught my eye. Her use of colour, placement and repeat was something I found inspiring. It wasn't over complicated, yet not simple either and had a perfect combination of detail and layering.

I stumbled across Jess Thompson's work after the millionth time of walking around and it took my breath away. It was perfection on wallpaper. Her precision on detail, pattern and repeat were flawless and the collection was one of the strongest I had seen. I admired her use of colour, I am someone that loves bright and bold colours so to see something like this with natural colours was interesting to for me to re-think how I use colour in my collections.

Danielle Walters from UCA University of the creative arts Farnham was a lovely Graduate to meet and her work made me speechless. With a strong collection based around the London Eye she is sure to go far. I think, because I have not done a lot of geometric work, to see some interesting prints based around geometrics and for Danielle to show how successful you can achieve this style was encouraging. 

Sophie Tattersall from De Montford produced some beautiful floral work and was my favourite floral collection because of her neutral palette, flowing repeats and impressive detail of layering. Her presentation in her stand was also key to me seeing her as it was simplistic and natural, which was very fitting.

One person I throughly enjoyed speaking to was Ruby Marquet Horwood, who was exhibiting in the One Year On section at New Designers after showing with her University last year. What caught my attention was her fluid, yet graphic contrast of prints. Speaking to Ruby was a highlight of my day, she spoke with such passion about textiles and her eagerness to work for herself with such determination. She encouraged me to just keep going, building contacts and working on placements. She is somebody I would love to hear a success story from as I think she is so talented with a desire to succeed. 

Other Graduates I looked at: 
Charlotte Titterton (Nottingham Trent)
Lucy Annabel Jones (Birmingham) 
Sara Mitchell (Leeds)
Amy Jessica French (Norwich University
Shivani Patel (Leeds) 


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