Floral Inspiration

Kirsty Rice
I came across this beautiful print on Pinterest today which led me to Kirsty Rice's website. I have always loved florals and enjoyed drawing flowers for years. Florals was also the main theme for my Graduation Project - Vision de Fleur.

Kirsty is one of the team at Momental Designs creating wedding invitations and much more. Her blog post about this unique design shows the starting point all the way through with her own words on its inspiration and why she started this design. The style of print is soft, with intense use of watercolour that catches the eyes. Overall, the print is flowing with a perfect combination of bursting colour and space.

Being someone who still struggles to draw florals, but loves using soft lines and watercolours, this is truly inspirational to me and a way of drawing I know I want to experiment with. Florals dominate the textile industry every season, are always on the high street and will always sell. And so, for me at least, it is important to combine my love of florals with something the textile industry demands and to succeed in doing it … which, of course, is not easy.

Go to Kirsty's website page now to take a look and read more about her and what she does.


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