GIFTED? Competition Prints

I finally had the chance to enter the annual Tigerprint GIFTED? competition. Over the course of about a month, Tigerprint releases one theme a day ranging from various themes including florals, pets, words, journeys, selfies and more.

This year, I haven't been able to approach all themes and only work on a few, but it has still been interesting to experiment with the variety and find a certain personal style to reflect the themes. I must admit I have also found it quite stressful, but that is mainly me putting pressure on myself to do my best when, actually because of certain circumstances, I can't achieve my aim of doing all themes. The transition of working so quickly and doing so many themes in a short amount of time has also been a challenge. Having just come from University where you get months to develop one theme and constantly draw, experiment and make mood boards is something that I need to get used to.

The themes I have worked on so far are: In Bloom, Linear, Black & White and Nature. In my opinion, the designs vary from fashion to interiors to stationary and gift wrap.
Having approached this competition with excitement and drive, it has given me the idea to take some of their themes and work on my own projects once this one is done … Which excitedly means a new sketchbook.

GIFTED? is a great opportunity to get yourself out there, experiment and see what you as a designer can achieve. And there is still time to enter, just go and visit the GIFTED? website.


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