Brick Lane Market

Brick Lane - the home of vintage!

I have been down Brick Lane to a few shops a couple of times but, shamefully, I never been to the market. I knew vintage was the hub of Brick Lane but I have never seen so much of it all in one place before. 
I am not one to wear vintage clothing, I go for the scarfs, brooches and jewellery more. But, what caught my eye about all the vintage clothing was the crazy prints that I just cannot imagine people wearing back in the day. The owners of the stalls inside and outside the markets rocked the vintage look and the mixture of fashion here is something to be inspired by. People down and around Brick Lane are so individual and stylish I kind of felt out of place, but it's was interesting to see another side of London and another market.

Again, there was a hustle and bustle of people in the sunny Sunday morning looking for a bargain, sightseeing and enjoying the atmosphere. I do recommend coming to Brick Lane when you next visit London, as you will find something that suits you whether it be the jewellery, the vintage tea sets, the vinyl records (some going for just £1) and the little tea rooms, which of course being a tea lover caught my eye.


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