Two Weeks of Placement

I cannot believe I have done TWO out of my eight weeks on placement already, it has flown by. I didm't believe people when they said it would go quickly, until I realised I have six weeks left.
These last two weeks have been such a whirlwind from moving to London, meeting new people, dealing with tiredness and depredation, slowly learning how the industry works and all the sightseeing I have done.

The thing I have found the hardest so far is living in London and getting used to the hustle and people rushing everywhere, which is why I like my local park (Victoria Park by Regents Cannel). I have always loved coming to visit London since I was young, but never thought of and seen myself living here. I have, however, got very used to the tubes, got very lost and realised if you walk in circles you will get somewhere and there are lots of people out there to meet (probably more so if you lived here). 

The work place at Pattern has been greatly rewarding so far, despite not doing any designing and taking a back seat by sewing lots of garments fronts and doing general studio needs, I have learnt an incredible amount by asking questions and watching what is going on around me. Everyone is beyond friendly and making the effort to help me and answer all my questions. The girls are so funny and have great personalities that I always have a smile on my face and it makes the job easier.

Each day I have gone in to the studio and it has made me more excited and eager to design and become a part of the industry. Being on placements has made me want to explore my creativity more (hence my purchase of a graphic tablet) and be more open minded about what is out on the market, what people want and to not just design for me. That time of my life is certainly over now University is one and that is the time when you were allowed to design for you.

This most important thing (apart from learning to create better repeats) I've learnt to look! I always did look at what was around me before, but not necessarily in the right way. It is hard to explain exactly what I mean, as individual designers and people always look at images and inspiration very differently. But, if I want to create a floral design for instance, what florals are the high street creating .. go and have a look. What florals have high end designers done … go and have a look. What florals are in the park and what colours are there? … go and have a look. Bring this all together, see what catches your eye, and push all this forward in to a design and keep on looking at what inspired you in the first place and piece them altogether like a jigsaw in to a gorgeous print.

This is something I plan on practising and keeping little things that inspired a design all tucked together somewhere … probably on Pinterest! 


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