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This year I wanted to learn more so why not start right now to "start the year as I mean to go on". As a special Graduation present I received this book which I've had my eye on for quote a while. It is packed full of information from fibers, yarns, dying and weaving. Deeper in to the book is page after page of information on various fabrics, their origin, their use and their future in fashion and textiles. The process to make these fabrics are also broken down. It has information on fabric I haven't even heard of before. It is truly rich with information that (as a bit of a textile geek) I am enjoying learning and telling anyone who will listen my facts about different things I have learnt.

Textiles technology is where, after my love for drawing and colour, my love for textiles grew. You know those days when you're at school and you have to learn what and how different fabrics burn and their use in fashion? I can re-call learning that many many times at school, college and University. With this book I can learn so much more and begin to recognise how important fabrics are to textiles and fashion, their uses, the best way to treat them, this history behind all the variations of fabrics that we are hailed by in the industry.

If you're a student, designer or just looking for a little more knowledge in the area of fabrics, I highly recommend this book. I know for sure it will definitely help you get through the winter months ahead and, if you're like me, the cold commute to work. 
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