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Please go and vote for my design over at - http://www.textilefederation.com/design/marble-motion/

Let me start by saying that this project was certainly not an easy one. Over the course of two days I designed this one off print for the Textile Federation Activewear Competition. I had never attempted active wear before, which is surprising as I am a bit of a gym lover. I tend to just through any old thing on, but since printed gym wear is everywhere at the moment one challenge of mine was to come up with an original idea that not only I would want to wear but others would too.

As described, the creation of the print started with various marble textures which I cut and pasted together on Photoshop using filters, the clone tool and feathering to blend the textures together. The colours came at me like a brick wall and became a big challenge when the initial repeat block print was designed. Were they too bright? No, active wear is very bright! Did the colours work well together? Did certain colours look too pixelated? Was there too much colour in one area? Was there just too much colour? No, lets read the brief again!
On the first day of starting the design I doubted my ability as to whether I could produce a competition and activewear worthy design. But, with fresher eyes on the second day, I woke up early and powered on through to the likes of Sam Smith, Ellie Goulding and Cheryl on Spotify. Before I knew it I was creating something quite different to anything I had designed before and something that could have potential if I played it right.
Creating the print just was not enough. I wanted to give it a bit more of an edge and make it more eye catching, so I decided to individually place the print inside triangles with some being more zoomed in than others. It gave it more definition and it made me feel as though I had made a real breakthrough in just designing a print. It made me question - what else can I do with this? Suddenly now I have grown a slight addiction to all things triangles. 

Thank you to everyone who has already voted for my print. Whether I win or not I am proud of this little design and the development skills it brought me as a designer with no support ... other than a good song to inspire me and lots of tea making. 


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