Future Brightness!


How cool is this handmade banner by Jimmy Marble as featured on his Etsy store?

It's very true and nothing but relevant in my life at the moment. It has taken me a while to get my head around things and be brave enough to write this blog post. But I want my blog to be honest and for my readers who follow by designer / blogging journey whether it is going good or bad. Mostly, I want to look back at this in a fews years and realise how far I have come.

A couple of weeks ago the future seemed a bit murky and miserable as I was made redundant from my Junior Print Designer position. It came as a shock and hit me harder than I expected.. Despite knowing this job was a stepping stone to reach better things in the future, I was still quite upset. When all you've ever wanted to do was be a textile designer and it is taken from you it can knock your confidence a lot. I managed to stay positive and hide my disappointment from everyone as much as I could (I'm an ugly crier, so crying in public is not my favourite thing to share). But, my family, friends and boyfriend have been nothing but supportive (thanks dudes!).
Back on the job hunt just like I was five months previously felt tricky and I was scared. I didn't (and still don't if I'm honest) know where I wanted to take my career as I thought I had more time to figure it all out. I searched for many jobs using my tips and tricks that got me my first job and, before I knew it, I now have a few offers on the table.

Now, with a couple of doors I could open in the next coming weeks the future does look bright again. A few opportunities that have come along I couldn't have relinquished without my friends, so Thanks Gals / Guys!

I'm currently freelancing full time which has been a great learning curve and a challenge I've actually enjoyed. You can't always get things right first time, whether that be a design or a job. I'm still learning about designing, about myself as a designer and about the industry. It can all be overwhelming at times and doors may close unexpectedly, but other doors will open too.

In life, you can get things wrong and I'm slowly learning that its ok for this to happen. I did my best with the opportunity given and it just wasn't meant to be. What is next? Who knows. But the The Future DOES Look Bright if I want it to. No one but me can get me to my next job and my next learning curve as a designer. So, good luck to me I guess!


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