Letter Project

I recently got brought this beautiful book ENCHANTED FOREST by Johanna Basford. With page after page full of forest animals, insects, flora and fauna. magical castles, dragons and treasure this book is the perfect gift for someone creative or your little kiddo to colour in. 

I'm too in love with the book to even put a pen near it so I have been inspired by the book to use it for a special birthday project. Using inspiration from the pages that have animals drawn using various leaves and florals I decided to do the same ... but with a letter. 


I think it would look minimalistic in a gorgeous frame leaving the black doodles to standout, as emphasises in the image below. It can work for kids rooms or your studio or bedroom and could be the perfect gift for someone special. I am printing this one A4 and wouldn't expect it to look as attractive on a bigger scale. Letter postcards could be my next project ... watch this space!



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