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This week I've selected a range of prints that have all attracted my eye in different ways. 
I instantly fell in love with Zara's printed dress (1), that would be gorgeous for any holiday or picnic party. Instantly, I was drawn in because of the strong orange (a big colour this year) against the black. It has a touched of simplicity about it. When I looked closer at the print, I was interested in the roughness of the lines as it has that ragged edge to it. It isn't something that is overcomplicated but has a lot of depth.
Another Topshop print has made it to the list again this week (2). The overall mix of colours, scale and repeat. But, mainly, I love the print mix and the way they are easily all blended together. It's quite a fun take of the ethnic/African print mix that I have attempted a few times. Normally, I would be too scared to mix prints like these together, but maybe it is worth giving it ago after seeing that it can be successful (and quite funky) on a dress.
Number 3 is the H&M top I instantly fell in love with when I spotted this print in my local store. I couldn't take my eyes of the layers of colours, print, scale and repeat. Which, combined together, is the perfect tile meets floral print for summer. It is almost as if someone has got this print and delicately coloured it in with a gorgeous bright colour palette. It also comes in a maxi dress and straight cut dress. 
I decided to see what prints Oasis had in store this week and I came across this cute little summer cami (4). Of course, I love florals and Oasis always seem to fill their collections with bright, colourful pops of florals every season. The base colour of this cami works so well with the crisp floral repeat that looks perfectly painted (by Photoshop I can imagine). 
Being a fan of not only floral prints but abstract, inky prints too I loved these Reiss shorts (5). White and me don't have a good relationship, but these shorts rock this print so well. Its uncomplicated and a perfect summery print on the right garment. 

What is your favourite?


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