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A colour mix of florals and texture graces my top 5 prints this week, which features a mix of perfect summer hits!
My favourite print is these brilliantly bright shorts from Topshop (1). I spotted these in my local store about a week ago and I was so eager to by them. The light fabric and elasticated wait is what I love in a pair of shorts and are great for summer heat waves and buckets of ice cream. The prints sums up the cut and fit of these shorts, very loose and fun. The print mix of a busy background and more spacious forefront print makes for an interesting variety. 
I have loved H&M prints for a long time, but since recently making myself search and create each week my top 5 prints I have noticed how H&M have become so advanced in their print designs. My second print is this beautiful H&M dress from their Premium Quality range. This print is also available in a swimsuit and trousers. At £100 it is quite pricey but is a silk woven dress and a piece that will stay in your wardrobe for quite a while. To me, the print feels fresh with sharpness of colour and sits so well on this garment which can be worn in so many ways. 
Zara is on my list again at number 3 with this summer sweet dress. It is a simple composition of colours, flora and fauna with a tropical feel. I was drawn in to this dress for the simplicity of the lines and colour, yet it has a sense of fullness because of the large scale print.
This dip dye cotton dress by Jigsaw (4) is so feminine and captivating. I was instantly attracted to the richness and various hues of colour. A colour hit in my book and one I must work with in a design at some point (a note to myself I must remember).
My last print comes from Miss Selfridge and this cute floral angel sleeve blouse (5). I was drawn in to the light colours and delicate detail. The print has a simple layering, which adds depth and colour. The blouse is great for the spring summer season and, of course, I love it because it is a floral print.

What is your favourite this week?


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