A Life Update

How cute is this Art Hoop by the littlelow Etsy shop? I think her work is amazing and would love one to hang on my wall (hint if ever there was one). It is very true to life I think!
My aim for this blog was to only discuss my work and my career to keep family, friends and keen followers up-to-date with what is happening in the creative sense but, sometimes, I have found myself writing about life when certain things happen. If ever I go to write a life post on here I always try to make it as honest as possible as I never know who is reading, whether it be my mum (a frequent reader) or a student looking for some advice. 
The last time I wrote a blog post about life I had been made redundant, which was hard to write as I still hadn’t come to terms with how much it had change my career and life plans. Everything was truly up in the air and, I’m not going to lie, the whole situation knocked my confidence massively (quick shout out to all my family, friends and boyfriend for helping me through that). However, since becoming a crew member at Fat Face here in Nottingham and getting busy with freelance/blog work my attitude and confidence has completely turned around and I am finally excited and happy about all the goings on again and planning lots of exciting things I hope become reality. 
So I thought, whilst sitting in Starbucks on a rainy day, I wold type away about what has been going on and what is around the corner. I still have good and bad days when it comes to how my career is going and how slow my progression can be, but as long as I know I am working hard then that is sure to pay off. I have found it’s all about trusting yourself and your decisions and not rushing in to things. Inhale then exhale and keep going forward!
I am still freelancing (which comes to an end in a couple of months) so I want to produce as much work as possible which isn’t always easy as I work a lot of hours at Fat Face. I love being busy and knowing I have spent each day working as hard as I can juggling two jobs at once plus finding the time for a good gym session, time with the boyfriend before he goes to Borneo and a catch up with friends. But, overall, its a great challenge and I am aiming to take on more things very soon. I am moving back home to live with my parents for a adult pit stop (as I like to call it) in the next couple of weeks and will continue to work in fashion retail. Once my freelancing contract ends I plan on spending my spare time working on all the projects I have written down and new ones I think of continuously in my busy mind so I have a fresh, new portfolio that utilises all the skills I have learnt over this last year. Of course all this sounds achievable and exciting in my head but I know that in reality I will have to work harder than ever to stay focused and get stuff done. I’m quite excited to get back home, clear out my room from top to bottom to make it a little studio and begin working on new things such as these projects, working on my new personal blog I am setting up and getting back in to photography.
I’ve realised over the last few months that its ok to be sad and a bit down when things aren’t going right, just don’t allow the focus on that to take over and to get back up and “just deal with it”. I have had a lot of interviews and a lot of rejections which is always difficult to take when all you want to do is design and better yourself. But, hey, thats ok! I got this! It got to a point a few weeks ago when the stress of job hunting and constant interviews took its toll and made my body shut down with exhaustion for a couple of days and since then I have been a little easier on myself to slow down and focus on one move and one goal at a time. My goals haven’t changed, they are just a bit harder to grab right now and that’s ok! 

As Lauren Conrad once said in The Hills (and one of my  favourite quotes to use) “life’s tough, get a helmet”!

My current portfolio is up on Behance (click the portfolio link above) and you can follow me on Instagram @lisajaynetextiles


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