The Comparative Shop #10

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Well, it certainly has been a long time since my last comparative shop. Life can definitely get in the way of blogging sometimes. But this week its a Topshop overdose of mirror repeat prints in a gorgeous array of colours from pinks, reds, blues and greens.
For me, Topshop hit the nail on the head when it comes to intricate prints with curves, layers and multiple colour ways. I love how they take one print and utilise it on a variety of garment shapes and cuts. They seem to be not afraid to experiment with colours, scales and compositions. 
My eye seems to have been drawn to their mirror repeats of recent, especially the William Morris inspired sleeveless duster jacket (1). I tried this on in store and its a perfect, drapey jacket to go with jeans, pumps or heels and a plain 3/4 or capped sleeve top. The colours are so warming and ideal for the transition from summer to autumn. 
The deep blue complements the pink base on this playsuit (2) and the contrast of the sleeves makes it all that more exciting. Pretty, but daring! The floral v-neck cami is full of deep reds and dark oranges with the accents of white and green. It's a floral / fauna / tile print mix up that is visually exciting and perfect to wear with jeans and sandals this summer and with jeans, boots and a cardigan this autumn.
This pretty floral dress caught my eye away due to the William Morris style handwriting of the print and juxtaposition of soft, flowing lines with placed florals. The side ties at the daring side to a girly dress. A perfect holiday dress if you ask me!

What was your favourite this week?


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