The Comparative Shop #11

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There is a bit of light vs dark colourway going on in this weeks TCS! I've not had much time to go to the shops between working and freelancing so I've spend a chunk of my time searching the internet.
H&M are at 1 and 3 because this store is making my head go in to "I love" overdrive with their prints and colours at the moment. They have such a variety of prints but they all fit in to the H&M handwriting that we have seen so much of this past couple of seasons. The dress (1) was in the window of my local store and stopped me in my tracks. I love the contrast of dark and light colours which is achieved due to the simplicity of space around the elements. This is perfect to wear for a night out or a day trip with a boots/bag combo.
I never normally go in to Warehouse but whilst enjoying a morning shop around on my day off I thought I would pop in and see what prints they had in. I think Warehouse do florals amazingly well and have a classic approach when it comes to colours and fabrics. This floral print (2) also comes in a dress and caught my eye as soon as I went in to the shop. It has a hand drawn, water-colour effect which is very "me" when it comes to florals. The dress is a great little catch for any summer wedding or party and the top would work well for a day/work outfit. And now I just want to draw florals all day.
The dress from H&M (3) had that Valentino, Etro, folksy vibe to it which I am starting to see a lot now. Like the last TCS that featured mirror repeats this fits in to the trend of mirror repeats I keep on seeing. Repeats this season, I feel, have been more simplistic (with mirror, half drop and straight repeats) and the amount of work in to the elements or shapes have been more important and shifted the balance. 
Whilst browsing around the Topshop website I was originally looking for my Autumn coat (summer is slowly disappearing) but couldn't help spotting this William Morris style shirt (4) that has a real vintage feel to it. I'm really in to orange at the moment (it was my colour crush back in June) so I am guessing that was another reason I spotted it. Topshop have paid a good attention to detail to with the black piping which adds that accent colour. The feel of the lines is a really relaxed, hand drawn one that is overall quite sketchy and the print is not an overly complicated one.

Which is your favourite this week? And what is your colour crush of the moment?


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