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Where have I been you ask? Why has there been no comparison shops, colour crushes or trend updates? Well, I have been extremely busy lately training for my new job and fitting in freelancing on my days off alongside settling back in to life at home. I am now writing three times a week on my other blog, This Haven, so I haven't had a chance to write up any posts for this blog. And, in all honesty, as much as I was dedicated to writing my comparison shops and colour crushes I feel like I want to take things a new direction, maybe more of a professional one. I still want to post about trends I am loving, designers and colours that I'm being inspired by and what projects I am working on, but in a different way and I haven't found the ideal direction of the future of this blog yet. I am currently so busy freelancing I am not going to be working on my own projects for a little while longer and once I begin to design again I can start posting again. But posting will be less frequent so it is not forced to write up about things and I don't have the added pressure alongside everything else that is going on. 
I have naturally just taken a step back from this blog recently due to a combinations of things, including all the other mentioned. Even though my new blog is a lifestyle blog, I want to control how much of my life I put online and make everything I write positive. But, once I find the direction I want to take myself as a designer with a blog to promote myself, I am sure you'll here about it. For now, I will be on a blog hiatus until I can sit down and think about what I am doing and where I am going as a designer and which platform is best for me to promote myself on. I've got a bit more confidence in my work recently, not only did I sell three designs to a big client but I've also been experimenting more with my theme, Dark Flora
Anyway, head on over to my lifestyle blog for a read up on all the things I am doing and look out for any posts on my Instagram @lisajaynetextiles as I still wish to utilise that medium of social sharing and promotion.

Thanks for reading and speak soon.


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