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The great thing about Tumblr is how one image can lead you to another image and to another, which means you end up spending a lot of time on it because it is so endless. The range of images on peoples blogs are endless and I get so inspired when I go on there and I love looking back through my own page at the stuff I liked.

When on there yesterday I somehow came across an amazing print based blog and, being a print student and knowing a few of my fellow Derby girls read my blog, I had to share it. And finding and sharing these kind of things is the reason for my blog.

Eye Dazzler Exposure is a textile design studio based in Brooklyn, NY with a base in London, UK too who "specialize in the development of original exclusive print artwork." 
Their website is quite basic with just their design aim and contact information, so it is their Tumblr that I am shouting about. It is full of amazing prints from various designers showcased brilliantly in a variety of ways.
If you're a print student or like this kind of thing then make sure you follow them.

Eye Dazzler Exposure 

Eye Dazzler Exposure Tumblr
Eye Dazzler Exposure Website

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