Changing the theme

When I returned to Uni I knew I wouldn't get a lot of time to blog so it is nice to be finally writing a post again. Since I started three weeks ago it has been a whirlwind of deadlines, lectures, briefs and more deadlines. It has been more overwhelming than I thought it would be and sometimes 'can' has turned in to 'can't'. 

I started the summer knowing I wanted my last project to be all about Identity and tried to power through with my mark making until I got to Uni. When I came back the theme became more over powering and I began to feel drained and not so excited by the thought of doing my project. After much deliberation and talks to friends and family I decided to talk to my tutors about changing my theme. The told me to go back to my Carnival project and delve in to it deeper. But, by talking to a close friend about my work, I knew I wanted to do something that excited me and take all the mistakes I have learnt from my last Carnival project and do something better.

This is when I decided to focus, once again, on Paris. 

The Hidden Wonders of Paris …

Paris has always been a love of mine but I have always just looked for the obvious in the pictures I have taken of my trips there and, within this project, it is my aim to delve in deeper to this vast imagery and shows other parts of Paris I haven’t focused on.

Using my imagery I aim to draw various marks and colours I will achieve a well-balanced starting platform.
Taking this imagery I will then experiment with heat transfer printing, which I aim to lead on to exploring hand painting, screen printing and digital printing on to a rich variety of fabrics. Exploring all areas individually and together before establishing a final cohesive collection.

By creating a well-planned out, handcrafted collection I want to produce a sufficient range of samples to illustrate for fashion and/or accessories for the high end high street like Topshop Unique and Zara.

I have learnt from changing my project to be true to what you want to do and if you don't feel excited or happy about the idea you are doing then change it because otherwise your work will suffer and you won't learn from the project. Just go with what you feel is best and see where it takes you.


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