After a couple of weeks searching for internships and emailing a countless amount of people, on Tuesday afternoon I found out that I finally have one. It is such an overwhelming boost that was truly needed at this time of year with the end of University looming closer.

The placement is for two months in London's Bethnal Green at a place called PATTERN. I have been told that I will be involved in dying the fabric, screen printing, sewing, embroidery and general studio tasks. The team seem so welcoming and I cannot wait to get stuck in to being a part of the industry and getting an insight in to a potential career.

The positive things is that I now know where I will be after University, for two months at least. Moving back home is something I am looking forward to and getting family support as I get used to being a working person.

I still plan of looking for more placements and/or jobs in the meantime that I can do after this one. And if you are doing the same I cannot recommend LinkedIn enough. It is an amazing site that has given me a lot of help when getting something as it is what employees have gone to look at.


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