The Comparative Shop #12

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This weeks print comparative shop features nothing but prints from Zara's new woman collection. As you might be able to tell from this post and the previous post I currently have a huge obsession with Zara. 
I'm currently planning a floral themed collection so am already looking for inspiration. This printed Zara dress (1) caught my eye and I was interested in the way the florals were drawn and laid out. I wasn't so drawn in to the colours but they hit the 70's theme spot on. The print is so well conceived in terms of scale, placement and repeat.
The paisley blouse (2) is nothing but visually stunning and something I would love to have in my wardrobe. I'm not ashamed to admit I was staring at this print on the website for quite a while trying to take in the beauty of it and wondering how the print was created. It's such an easy style of handwriting and seems so fresh for Zara in comparison to a few heavy repeats I've seen. Yes, they have done paisley before but I think it is the colours and the white base that makes this blouse seem so new. It is interesting how some of the shapes/elements are coloured in, but some just have an edge of colour and overall gives the print a good balance. 
It has been a while since I have been drawn in to looking at bottoms rather than tops but, after seeing these floral trousers (3), I knew they had to make the list. What drew me in was the block colour leaves and then I noticed the colour in the florals and on some of the leaves which made it even more interesting. Overall, I just like the movement and flow of the print which work and make the trousers a perfect day/night garment. 
Tiles ... a print I don't normally feature on TCS (I actually don't think tiles have ever made it on the list). I want and need this t-shirt. The colours, the print mix and the red sleeves and back are gorgeous and so beautifully curated and put together. Pretty much everything I can say about this garment.

What is your favourite this week?


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