Creating Outside The Comfort Zone

When playing around on Photoshop I always get carried away with layering, colour ways, filters and scale. This, I can guarantee, will lead me to go off and create things that don't entirely work or go together. This exact mistake happened in my Carnival project which became a jumble of colours, patterns and prints that did not work or showcase my theme strong enough. Since then I have been scared to be too daring, as shown in my last self-directed project "Quand a Paris" (When in Paris) last semester.
I want to make this collection stand out and use all the techniques I have learnt throughout my time at University, but having one collection that was not together and one collection that was but not daring enough, has panicked me about "creating outside my comfort zone". I know this is something I cannot be scared about and I just have to go for it as this is the last project so, whilst designing with my drawings in photoshop, I took my French Florals theme down an abstract avenue.

I'm still not 100% sure if this is the avenue I want to go down as they look flat on the screen but will look different on a range of fabrics. But whilst I can I plan on keep surprising myself and stepping outside that comfort zone!


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