Paris | Day Two

Premiere Vision Day 

Day two in Paris was very very hectic, over whelming and tiring. It was a day fully packed of all things textiles and sightseeing. 

The start of the day was an early one as we had to get to Premiere Vision early to make the most of it. Premiere Vision is a Textile event held every year in February and is a massive building full of designers, sales people, mills selling and buying fabrics and agents. 

As soon as you walk in all you see is the massive hall full of white boxes with companies inside promoting and selling their work in unique and creative ways. As you walk further in you become cocooned in it a world full of fabrics that really took my breath away and got me excited to explore, ask questions, touch and feel the fabric and ideas for my designs. This main part was where a lot of mills had appointments to sell their work and where the main business of selling and buying would happen.

Included in Premiere Vision is a smaller showcase of independent and housed designers and companies including Paper & Cloth, Lemon Ribbon, Owen & Kim, Pattern, Acorn, Lewis and Lewis plus tons more. 

It was a great chance for me to step outside of my comfort zone and speak to these people to ask about their work, techniques and business but mainly if they had any jobs, placements or freelancing opportunities. I always got a chance to speak to the companies I have my placements with later on in the year.  Pattern was a company I spoke to for a really long time and got to know the girl I had been emailing and how the companies work. It got me so excited to starting placement there as they seemed so friendsly, laid back and highly hands on with being creative. I also got to speak to the creators at Keeler Gordon who were also lovely and welcoming. Overall it was interesting to see their work up close and the type if processes and designs they use and create. 

An interesting thing happened on the metro back to the hotel and it truly made me realise that stepping up and talking to people is worth doing as you don't know what it would lead to. I sat opposite a girl who I saw had a Premiere Vision map and I asked her if she had enjoyed her day, it lead to her explaining she wants to start up her own company using Eco friendly dyes and fabrics. She wanted some advice on whether digital printing or screen printing was more beneficial and, after writing about it in my dissertation, I was able to advise her. We eventually swapped contacts and I offered myself as a designer if she needed one. 

Notes on companies I looked at and/or spoke to….

Limonta Print 
Italian / London based
Hand painted florals
Pen and ink look and feel
Soft fabrics (although some were heavy and interior like)
Strong colours
Loose mark making

Superstudio SAS
Loose watercolours
Big loose brushstrokes 
Blended brushstrokes
Mix of bold strikes and fine lines

Mint Design
Hand drawn look
Soft fabric 
Smudgy mark making

Nanni-Costa Francesco
Italian based
All designed in house
All hand drawn designs

New Age My Design
Placement prints
Oversized prints
Soft, smudged mark making
Watercolours and black outlines
Busy prints
Soft fabrics


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