Handmade By Me

I recently came across a competition by Look, Like, Love about producing a product that could be sold to the market and sell their own work after graduation and decided a few weeks ago to enter it. It has taken me a while to get around to designing the front of the bags, dying the back and lining and actually  making it … which turned out to be very stressful.

I lost confidence it my decision to take this competition entry on for a short while, but after making them I realised that to take the time to make them always could help my degree as I would submit these too. It was also really nice to actually make something rather than just design the fabric like I used to when I was at college … and also something I will hopefully use in the future or give to a friend.

The front of both are digitally printed on Bamboo Silk Satin with the lining and back dyed a deep raspberry pink (photos of which I forgot to take and submit).

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