Jigsaw | The Watercolour Print

I had my design presentation today which was extremely nerve racking and something I worried about for a really long time, despite knowing exactly what I might say about my work and where it was going. I got some really good feedback and nothing  majorly negative was said and I was encouraged to carry on experimenting and keeping the collection together.

I expressed that I didn't know what kind of market end I was designing for, whether it was George @ Asda or Topshop or higher end. I was told that my collection looked more high end, more towards Jigsaw, L.K Bennet, Reiss and so on. All very Kate Middleton stores which made me very happy to have that compliment.

This led me to look in to these stores and their current collections where I came across the gorgeous Watercolour Print by Jigsaw.

I would love to be able to design prints like this as I think they are so eye catching and not over digitally designed which I think is what originally attracted me to these designs as I myself have been focusing on not loosing the hand drawn quality of my drawings by using too many filters.

Buy the collection at Jigsaw.


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