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Over the last few days I've decided, with the help of the company I am freelancing for, to change the theme for my next collection for the company. We both decided that the Crystal/Ink theme was not working and another theme could work better.

The new theme I am now working on is called "Camouflaged in Still Life", which consists of dense pastels with hints of sharp, bright colours. I'm very excited by this theme and what can come out of working in this new, flat but colourful way and avoiding florals. 

It's always good to push yourself as a designer and see what you can do but, sometimes, themes or projects just don't work for your style. It may not be the right time to experiment in a certain theme. I have experienced a theme not working many times throughout my degree, either because it just isn't or I was trying to push it and make it look a certain way.
This didn't really help my confidence when I was at University, and it still sometimes gets me questioning my skills now. Why is this theme not working? Why, as a designer, can I not make this work? Sometimes the project your working on isn't the right one for you at this time, or it is not your style, or you're forcing a design idea so much it won't work. 

At times, it is best to just admit defeat and move on to see what else there is out their to design in your own style and with confidence. If you have no confidence in the designs then it does show within the collection and I know this from experience. I look back at some of my work now and I can tell I had no confidence in the project and no confidence in myself and to push myself because a previous theme didn't work. But, overall, this all takes time and certainly won't come overnight. This new theme might not work out, but it also might and be my strongest collection yet. It a process of working through that good/bad theme barrier and just going with it.


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