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Today my aim was to explore a bit of the big city before placement begins tomorrow and before I know it I am leaving London. I didn't have a clue where to start this morning after having to run some errand in Stratford, so I decided to Google "Things to do in Bethnal Green" which gave me the result of Spitalfields Market. I had heard of Spitalfields before but I've never been to the market. After getting a bit lost and deciding to follow the noise of the crowd, I finally made it.

Before you get to the market there are a few independent shops and other retailers like Benefit and MAC. As I walked along I was immediately struck by Source, it was very much my kind of shop. With all kinds of quirky stationary, signs with sayings on, bags, scarfs, clothes, jewellery and much more I could have walked out a lot poorer. Their website makes all of those things and more available to you without having to come to London. This store for me is a MUST visit and is great for gifts. 

Another store that blew me away was Eight Sq, which had more of a vintage, antique feel about it. This store had a cute little baby section full of knitted booties and toys. It had a lot of plaques and signs with quotes on, jewellery and some gorgeous trinket boxes (some of which were in the shapes of macaroons). Vintage tins for your belongings and a few pieces of furniture. This is another great place for gifts and things for the home, but if you can't make it to London then visit the website.

Visiting the market was great and as soon as you walk in you join the cluster of people moving along stall by stall and it has a real good craft feel and overall sense of happiness and excitement. People and stool owners were proud of their handcrafted items and didn't mind talking to you if you went up to them. Mainly stools were clothing or jewellery, but I did come across some vintage stools (some with quirky old cameras, some selling scarfs for £1 and one selling vintage leather). Others sold cakes (including huge donuts and French croissants etc) whilst some where all about scarfs, cards, little purses and phone covers or florals headbands. One of my favourites were selling little tea sets and plaques, which echoed the above to stores a little. 

Brighton based husband & wife team. All products are one offs and handmade. Visit their website.

Amanda Diment for GREY GARDENS 
(email for info - gardens@aol.co.uk)

Visit their website for more. 

Visit her website for more information about her and her incredible career so far in fashion. 

Visit the website to buy their gorgeous clothes and accessories.

Designed and handcrafted in the UK. Visit their Etsy shop.

Overall, as printer I loved the amount of print that was around me. I was like a magpie going from this print to that print, staring at some of them for ages and taking in all the different elements of what made it up …  Basically, just being a bit of a print geek. 
But whether you want fashion, jewellery, art, gifts, stuff for the home or simply a great thing to do whilst in London I really recommend going to Spitalfields Market. And a visit to one of the great restaurant surrounding it or even something from the bakery stalls as a treat!


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