LK Bennett | Winter Florals | Inspiration

When I arrived in St. Pancras yesterday on my move to London, I walked past all the shops as usual and was actually overwhelmed when I came to LK Bennett and saw their new floral print. It is beautifully stylistic and so feminine. It shouts LK Bennett at you … and I want it. I can guarantee every time I see this print I will want to just stare at it for a while to take in all the detail and the soft play of colours. The print, as part of their Winter Florals collection, is on skirts, shirts (my favourite) and dresses.

Set your style in bloom even in the coolest climes with our new season Aurora floral print. Inspired in part by wintry flora and also by the Aurora Borealis light display from which it draws its name, this painterly pattern will enliven every look. From dinner to dancing, we spotlight the pieces guaranteed to become your Prince Charming. - LK Bennett

Go and shop the collection and more beautiful prints over at LK Bennett


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