Camden Market

This weekend just gone I decide to check out Camden Market. In all my years of visiting London, whilst living here and having a free weekend I had no excuse to not visit and see what it was all about. 

My first  impression - Camden Market is INSANE! I was truly impressed more with Camden Lock Market, but loved the hustle and bustle of it all. People trying to find bargains, clothes that weren't that well made but made me smile (and nearly buy) but, mostly, people were so friendly and happy. Along Camden I went to the store Lily J which was sweet, girly and full of lace, dresses and little old vintage finds. … Plus a huge Doc Martin shoe.

What I love more about Camden Lock Market was the hidden little handmade shops I would come across. The layout of the shops were tidy, simple and modern with each section neatly organised in to products or designers that they sold.

The first was Little Cave, a very small vintage shop that had little plaques and signs, handmade cards, toys, photo frames and gifts. They also have their finds on their website, so if you can't make it to London then this is the perfect way to find a special gift or something for yourself.

"Little Cave is full of handmade vintage chic home decor and gifts. We dedicate ourselves in finding unique and quirky goodies from our local and independent designers. Each item is handmade in the UK by our local designer makers. We are a perfect little cave to find unique treasures for your home or as a special gift" 

My favourite shop was We Make London. The staff were s friendly and quite happy to chat away to me about the designers and how its important to keep things handmade nowadays in the age of technology. The store was neatly organised by designer and products and you could tell a lot of effort has been made to make this little shop, alongside Little Cave, one of the best in Camden. 

"We Make London believe that creative individuals deserve a place to sell their work that is affordable and attainable. We Make London was created to enable talented people to make a living designing and making things, uniting buyers with makers at fun filled fairs and exciting events. 
We Make London offers designers the opportunity to sell directly to buyers and offers buyers something unique in today's fast-paced, throw-away world of mass production … "

If again you can't make it to London, We Make London have a website with their individual designer products on, a blog and recent events they are holding/promoting. 

I really recommend checking Camden Market out the next time you're in London with boutiques, vintage, shops, stalls and tons of food to offer there is plenty for everyone and the perfect place to experience a busy London scene.


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