Placement | Week 8

This week is my final week of placement and I still cannot believe how quickly it has gone by. I was so worried about how it was all going to go back in July, but I could not be happier with everything I have learnt and the two months I have spent in an incredible studio with some very talented and hard working people. 
From asking a lot of questions, watching, being patient and getting the chance this week to design myself has made me realise how much I love to design and want to work hard to make it my career. The last two days of designing have been mind blowing in terms of what I have learnt and things I wish I had known how to do back at the beginning of my third year of University. 

It's a very fast paced way of designing, as it is for the high street, and normally it would take me days to design the work I have in just a few hours. I've learnt that I just need to be less precious and throw caution to the wind to get results and outcomes that meet the industry I am aiming to work for. I need to be more strict with myself on making decisions on placement, techniques, colours etc and, if worst comes to worst, I can start from scratch if I truly need to.

I cannot recommend doing a placement in a fast-paced creative studio enough, especially if you are between second and third year of University because the skills you gain will definitely aid you work in your final collection. 

At the end of the week I will have produce an animal print group and made garment fronts out of them to go on sales appointments after I am gone and it has really got me excited for what is ahead on my next placement and in any future placements I take on.


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