George @ ASDA Placement

After two very hectic and hard weeks, I have completed my George placement. It was an amazing experience and opened my eyes to the world of high street fashion and what it takes to work as team to create a range of garments suitable for a certain theme and customer.

There is a lot more to print design for the high street than just sitting and drawing on the computer all day. You have to research thouroghly for key trends and inspiration before creating a mood board for the story you are working on, which then leads on to the start of creating the prints. The print designers at George had to work quickly to meet the demand of the ladies wear team and on a variety of themes at one given time for seasonal trends next year.

I worked across the board on the jersey ladies wear department by supporting design, trend and strategy meetings, creating fabric trend books, selecting images for and producing key trend moodboards, attending fit meetings with buyers and fabric technicians and participating in sale meetings. Each day was different to the next and the hours were full of new things to learn and information to take it. At the end of most days I sat on the train scribbling down notes of what I had learned so I could always reference in the future.

The building itself was quite overwhelming due to the size of the building and the amount of people that worked there. It was an incredible chance to have the complete opposite experience of what my first placement offered me. And, as I have said to a lot of people, I am very lucky to have two placements that have offered me different positions, learning opportunties, skills, and knowledge for the industry I am keen to work in. The team were nothing but friendly and always at hand to answer any questions I had about the goings on of the industry.

I hope my next placement or experience, wherever that may be, is as rewarding and useful as this one.

Whilst I was at George I was given a short project to create a range of prints for a strong Summer 2015 trend. I decide to focus my attention on the 60's trend, as seen at Henry Holland and Orla Keily, with funky, cute florals and spots being my main detail. It was interesting how the print team created their prints, with new skills being learnt on how to design for rotary screen printing and recognising the difference between rotary and digital printing more now than what I did. 

I had the chance to make my collection look very professional with the use of garment cad and moodbaord headers. Moodboards are always something I have worked on, but the style and use of the George mood boards opened my eyes as to what to look for when creating them in the future. The don't have to be jammed packed full of images and have thousands of colours. Simple but effective is key. 

For all the prints I created at George, visit my online portfolio here


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