New Fashion Find

I love finding new prints or brands to fall to keep my eye on for what they do next or follow along their journey. I sit and wonder "how was that done?", "what was there starting point?", "can I do that?".

Having recently come across my new find via my personal Facebook I am asking myself just these questions and fallen head over heels for the next seasons designs from C S'tudio London.
This men and womenswear fashion brand is qwned and created by Limin Han and Xi Zhu. "They use their oriental heritage to merge it with European romanticism and modernism to reveal their concepts through a focus on print design".

It is their A/W 2014 prints that has grabbed my attention. The digital manipulation draws your eye in alongside the deep boldness of dark colours that blend so easily together. The collection of prints are printed on silk (my favourite fabric to print on) and I can only imagine how beautiful they look in person. If my bank balance allowed me to splash on these pieces I know a few would be in my wardrobe.

Visit their website or Facebook page for more information and stockists.


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