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This weeks TOP 5 is very much a floral / inky one (two of my favourite themes).
My top print comes from Karen Millen and for the past few weeks since seeing that dress in the window of my local store, I have not stopped looking at it. I don't normally like dipped hems, but for this dress I will take it and (try) to rock it. The running fluidity of bold colours alongside the intense blue and green just makes this a perfect placement print.
The all over floral print from Reiss (2) is just visually beautiful and bursting with colour ready for spring. With hints of black and white florals that have a hand drawn feel balance out the water marks and loosen the intensity. The gorgeous 100% silk crepe de chine has been digitally printed and is also from Reiss. That fabric was one of my favourite materials at college and University and I would love to get my hands on this top, which also comes in trouser and jump-suit form. Wear it to work, a lunch date or even a party. It is one of my absolute favourites that will brighten up any wardrobe. 
I would never wear those Topshop trousers (4) as they are, for me, a bit too daring of a bottom garment. But, with William Morris prints rocking the high street, I couldn't help but be caught up by these beauties. The simple colours and running smoothness of such a print fits Topshops style so much right now. 
The inky loosen of print five is from a Jigsaw t-shirt dress that caught my attention. The loosen plays a big part in that attraction for me as it can denotes freedom and movement and very much reminds me of marks I used to make when drawing at University and for previous freelance designs. 

I've payed slightly more attention to a more luxurious side of the high street market compared to Topshop and my previous picks from other high street brands. I tend to fall deeply in love with stores like Karen Millen and Reiss every so often, dreaming endlessly of wearing this style of clothes and prints.

Which is your favourite? Would you pay more money for a little more excitement in a print or for more of a natural fabric?


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