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This weeks comparative print shop is a combination of heavy to more spacious prints. It features a lot of garments that would be perfect for summer ... if the sunshine ever stays long enough. 

My favourite print this week comes from H&M. I saw this gorgeous dress in the window of my local store and am dying to get my hands on it. This beach dress has a stunning all over ethnic/paisley print in warm colours. Just pair with wedges and you're set for the beach!
I've been a fan of marble prints for a while now and even attempted to design my own marble print for a competition a few months back. And this Topshop shirt (2), which as I write this is currently out of stock, is a perfect wardrobe staple and great for updating your tailoring. I love the mix of grey, white, black, brown which is topped off my the baby pink stripes. It is a simple repeat but so eye catching and would create the perfect outfit in so many ways for day and night. 
Ink and floral prints are one of my favourite combinations. And this duster coat from Jigsaw (3) if perfect. I love the oversized detail of the marks and the blending of colours. The print isn't heavy, it is fresh and bold for summer and creates equal space. Overall, the print has so much easiness about it that sits perfectly on this garment. 
My final two prints from Reiss (4) and Zara (5) are both equally great. The simplicity of this print works perfectly for this style of mark making and can translate from crop tops to skirts to dresses so easily. It feels so easily yet elegant and passes off an overall sense of "buy me, spring is here".

Which print is your favourite this week?


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