The Comparative Shop #9

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It's very much a floral theme this week and I have had my eye caught by a few fashion prints from the likes of Topshop, Zara and Warehouse. Recently though I have been much more in to block colour and have had weeks of have colour crushes (blog post must!).
My first print is one I saw at Topshop a couple of weeks ago and feel in love with it (as I do with most of Topshops prints). The layered inky detail contributes to the eye catching mix of reds and its stunning how there are hints of darker blues with the neon. Even though the print is very busy and made of of marks and what seems like brushstrokes, you can still see the detail of the florals and leaves.
Zara has made it twice on to my list this week. The printed top (2) has such an interesting lose style and the mix of bright yellows, oranges, pinks and black give it an eye catching overall look. With the combination of a ditsy, boarder scarf print it works so well across all the bottoms and dress the print also comes in.
The Zara jumpsuit (3) caught my eye immediately when I saw it online. The print is made up of jet three colours but overall is visually exciting. I think the scale of the print is what makes this print so fresh and effective on the jumpsuit. Even though I can make out the way it repeats, because of the scale and the way the garment has been cut make it seem more complicated and intricate. 
To sum up this floral shop is these giant floral tailored trousers from Warehoure, a brand that has been making me look twice every time I walk past my local store. The simple colours work well on this large scale print and, as I personally wear dark colours a lot, I like the hint of neon yellow that brighten this print up. The looseness of the lines give it a very hand drawn feel that is unique and not overworked. I could definitely see these in my wardrobe.

What was your favourite this week?


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