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Topshop has and probably will always be a huge inspiration for when it comes to print and print on clothing. Having used them as part of my design project in Year Two of University I have gone back to them more and more, online and in store, to keep a watchful eye on their vast array of prints. From florals to aztec to animals and then just colour to black and white, Topshop really does offer up a huge range of prints each season.

After begin on placement for three days now, I have have realised how much more aware I need to be of hughstreet prints and what is really going on. And that started at Topshop and will continue with my eye wandering across the hughstreet in search of more inspiration.

What attracts me to Topshop is how they have a variety of prints. From their simple florals, to their black and white palm trees, with other prints being busy and full of colour. What is key to their prints is how they all flow smoothly and attract the eyes with their placements and scale. When I see a veristy of prints like this, it remind me that when creating a print it can be simple and just two colours like the last image or it can be really busy and layered like the first. It's all just about taking the theme and working with a strong colour palette and pulling a collection together.


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