This week, after an 8 month wait, I finally graduated from the University of Derby with a BA (Hons) in Textile Design and what a whirlwind moment it was. With a mixture of nerves and excitement about graduating, being centre stage for just that one second when they say your name and seeing all my friends again I tried to stay calm and treasure every moment. After it was all over it made me want to have that experience all over again - so I should hurry up and decide what I want to study for my Masters so I can graduate again.

I wore a gorgeous fifties printed dress from H&M (I loved wearing something print to graduate in being a print designer and all) which was accessorised with a beautifully colourful floral necklace from the Topshop sale. All was covered by my gown and cap but I was not bothered at all, I felt confident and very happy.

Not wanting to come across big headed, but this was the first time I was extremely proud of myself for working through a challenging three years and to say I graduated in Textile Design. I have wanted to go to University since I was a little girl and I knew I wanted it to be in Textiles since I was around 13 years old and all these years later I finally achieved it all. Not only was University physically challenging it was also mentally challenging. Growing up as a person project by project and learning what type of designer you want to be was not easy and I still didn't know when I graduated. Now, after all these months of placements and work, I can say I am progressing in the knowledge of what designer I want to be and what it might take to get there.
Last year at my degree show, I wasn't as proud as I should have been and kept wishing I had done better and thought a lot of "what ifs". After the New Year it was time to let it all go and by doing so I could graduate with pride. The inspirational speeches made during the ceremony has made me think about how much I want to use my degree to good use by inspiring other Textile students across the UK (hopefully by doing presentations for them), becoming a better designer (which I know will take time and experience) and by continuously learning more about the industry I am so passionate about. I have lots of hopes and dreams for my career and by graduating after a three year effort it has made me realise with more determination I can do more over time.

Finally, I want to say another huge thank you again to my family. Without them all supporting me I wouldn't have gone to college which got me to University and I wouldn't have been able to experience my placements in the industry which got me a job as a print designer. It's now an exciting time to see where my degree takes me and the limits I can push myself to in order to achieve more goals. 


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