The Comparative Shop #7

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It was slightly harder to pick my favourite four prints this week. Nothing has truly caught me off guard apart from this William Morris style print from H&M (1). The colours are sweet and simple but I was really struck with how well done the detailing is. Marks like lines and dots make up the print which twists and turns in a non-directional repeat. 
Floral prints that I have seen recently tend to be created using marks, lines and a build up of colours much like the shirt from Zara (2) and the shorts from Urban Outfitters (4). Zara's printed shirt has a small scale in comparison to the shorts which I like better. 
Of course, I love a paisley print and was really excited by this paisley printed shirt from Warehouse. The navy base colour works so well with the mint greens, yellows and oranges of the print and the scale is the perfect size and print direction to create a flattering look.

All prints are (again) so different this week. What was your favourite?


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