Hello March


Pinch, punch, it is the first of the month!

I cannot believe March has arrived already, where is the time going? It has been a crazy time for me recently, so please excuse the lack of blogging. I try to keep up to date with my blog as much as possible, as I enjoy writing down (mostly for my own benefit) how life and work is going. I think a lot of the time I want to blog about a lot of things, but have a confidence crash and believe no one will actually want to hear about my goings on or what I find inspirational. But, I love blogging and writing, so why stop huh? 

My I currently in the process of chaining my blog to make it more "me". I am creating a logo for myself (not easy when you have no idea about branding) and making my blog much more updated with a new layout. So, keep your eye peeled for that!

This year, as I promised myself, was the year of doing more and staying positive. So that means more blogging and staying positive about something I have built up slowly since the good old days of University. I am being more creative, but can't quite share any of that right now and I would certainly like to do more but spare time is spare for a reason. 

With the new season of Spring now upon us with more sightings of the sun and the spring showers about to begin, work is getting very busy with lots of request from all the stores we design for. It has been quite challenging recently, more for myself a designer and testing my boundaries than anything. I love (yes, I did say love) the routine that I have to put in 9-6 every day and the satisfaction of knowing I've worked my hardest when faced with all kinds of challenges. But, as much as I want to be more creative, I need to learn that it is ok to not be busy all the time. If I need a moment of doing nothing then thats what I need. I'm writing this with a cold because I have pretty much run my body down and its a tad tired now. Just remember, slow and steady always wins the race and sometimes instead of going slow you just need to stop and let yourself prepare for the next stage of the race.

It is still quite a scary time for me. Having just graduated a couple of months ago I am still working out what kind of designer I am, what I can now and what I will be able to do with more practice, patience and positivity. (The three P's is something I need to remember). I am someone who is slightly afraid of the unknown and not knowing what way my career will go is scary. But it can also be exciting as there are endless possibilities out there if I look hard enough and be brave to take the leap. Over the next month I will take another step forward in my career with as much determination as when I started it last year. 

So, HELLO MARCH! Lets see what you have in store shall we!?


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